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Jul. 31, 2016
CEMEX Recognizes Winning Contractors in Upper EgyptMore
Jul. 24, 2016
CEMEX Installs New Signs for its Distinguished CustomersMore
Jul. 17, 2016
CEMEX “School of Contractors”More
Jul. 10, 2016
CEMEX Launches New Competition for ContractorsMore
Jun. 7, 2016
CEMEX Announces the First Phase of "CEMEX Building Award 2016" Winners More
Apr. 1, 2015
CEMEX Celebrates ‘Orphan’s Day’More
Feb. 24, 2015
CEMEX Launches ‘Plastic Bags Upcycling Campaign’More
Feb. 5, 2015
CEMEX Executes Egypt’s First Concrete Road’More


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