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Corporate Social Responsibility

CEMEX has always been committed towards its social responsibilities and supporting local surrounding communities. We are always trying to improve the living standards of children, women and our neighbors. We are building schools, providing children with food and improving hospitals' capacity to treat patients. We want our children to be the future talents of our company and of Egypt.

During the last few years, CEMEX Egypt carried out many CSR activities and initiatives in Assiut including:

  • Sponsoring 776 children and their families in a school feeding program in cooperation with the WFP.
  • Donating cement to rain flood victims in Aswan.
  • CEMEX Orphans Day Celebration.
  • Building 19 schools in the remote villages of Assuit serving hundreds of young girls.
  • Donated renal dialysis equipment for Dariout hospital in Assuit.
  • Donated a fully equipped ambulance.
  • Donated four laboratory equipments, including two UV spectrophotometers.

During 2012, CEMEX Egypt disclosed new features for its CSR activities and launched a new CSR plan to serve its surrounding community in Assiut through focusing on 4 major aspects that CEMEX believes could have a huge influence on these communities. These four major aspects include Employment, Education, Environment and Sports, in addition to CSR initiatives especially for the Holy month of Ramadan. CEMEX also established a foundation “CEMEX Foundation” through which all these CSR initiatives will be planned and executed.

Execution of the new CSR approach is already in progress and has certainly achieved great results as many initiatives are currently right on track while some others are to be executed during the coming period, hoping for better accomplishments to come to better serve our communities in the future.

The plan included:

  • Employment: Establishing cement bricks plant in cooperation with local contractors and building employment centers including several workshops to employ Assiut citizens.
  • Education: Sponsoring the graduation ceremony of Faculty of Science in Assiut University, establishing education centers/classes to provide trainings and educate Assiut citizens through providing specific courses.
  • Environment: Establishing a Safety Driving School in Assiut’s Traffic Authority, executing a recycling project through collecting house hold and agriculture waste and use it as alternative fuels in our Assiut plant thus achieve our “Clean Assiut” objective, in addition to organizing a Sustainability event in cooperation with the American University in Cairo promoting concrete sustainable construction.
  • Sports: Establishing a sports protocol to allow students from different schools from Assiut to visit our sports complex on daily basis and practice several types of sports, in addition to organizing the annual Ramadan Football Tournament.

And as the Holy month of Ramadan is known for the giving to the poor, CEMEX intensified its CSR activities and created new initiatives to be implemented during Ramadan 2012 through supporting the surrounding communities in Assiut, in addition to executing activities to entertain Assiut citizens during the Holy month of Ramadan. These initiatives include:

CEMEX Ramadan Bags
CEMEX distributed 400 Ramadan bags including essential commodities such as Rice, Macaroni, Sugar and Oil etc... among 5 surrounding communities in Assiut during the Holy month of Ramadan as part of its responsibilities towards the society.

CEMEX Iftar Meals
CEMEX provided around 150 daily hot Iftar meals to surrounding communities in Assiut including Salam, Mankabad, Gahdam and Elwan areas. CEMEX also introduced an initiative to increase the number of hot iftar meals provided and encourage our employees to take part in helping surrounding communities. The initiative allowed employees to buy a number of hot iftar meals and the company will match that number and provide the same amount of meals. This way we ensured to increase the number of hot meals and help more people in Assiut societies.

CEMEX Quran Competition
CEMEX sponsored and organized Quran memorizing competition in Assiut sports city. 20 winners were rewarded with prizes reaching up to EGP 40000. It is worth mentioning that the competition started earlier this week and covered all Assiut governorate areas with participants reaching 219.

CEMEX Football Tournament
CEMEX organized its 1st Ramadan Football Tournament in our Assiut Sports City during the Holy month of Ramadan where 32 teams from Assiut governorate including teams from CEMEX participated and enjoyed competing against each other. It is worth mentioning that several governmental officials attended the opening and closing ceremonies of the tournament. The tournament was a great success and grabbed the attention of many spectators from all over Assiut governorate. During the closing ceremony the company representatives distributed prizes and medals for the winning teams (1st, 2nd 3rd positions), in addition to special prizes for Most Valuable Player in the tournament and the player with best sportsmanship.