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The safety, health and well-being of our people are of paramount importance to us and we continually monitor our safety progress to ensure our programs are working as effectively as possible.

At CEMEX Egypt, safety is our first business priority. We are committed to making CEMEX a safe workplace and to supporting all aspects of the health and well – being of our employees, contractors, and third parties.

1.- Achievements

During 2010 CEMEX Egypt celebrated 3 years without accidents among our employees. This was a major achievement for CEMEX Egypt as the last LTI was in September 2007. This LTI free period was a new record.

2.- Zero Accident Objective

We believe it is wrong to accept injuries and occupational illnesses. We believe injuries and illnesses are not an inevitable or expected consequence of doing business and we are committed to eliminating these tragic events. It is the right thing to do and a business imperative. We call our commitment Zero Accident objective.

CEMEX has a target of zero injuries and does not accept unsafe working practices. Accident prevention, safeguarding employee health and environmental protection are an integral part of CEMEX's business philosophy.

3.- Programs and Safety Trainings

    a. On-job safety training

Continuous training is one of the most important procedures to prevent accidents. Safety trainings are directed toward all employees and contractors in all areas. The objective is creating a prevailing culture “Safety is First”

    b. CEMEX school for safe driving

Egypt is amoung the highest ranking countries for high way accidents. To improve safety and reduce traffic incidents, “CEMEX Egypt launched the School for safe driving in year 2010. This school aims to provide drivers with training in order to enhance safe behavior while driving.

    c. Contractors management.

This special program is directed toward contractors. The objective is to improve the safety awareness and practices of contractors to the level that qualifies them to work inside CEMEX premises.

To achieve this goal, CEMEX HSE team arranged a training plan for the contractor’s safety managers covering all CEMEX H&S management system elements.

Employees and contractors were encouraged to stop and report unsafe practices whenever they see them. Also managers/supervisors are aware that they must stop unsafe acts immediately, even if they are not directly responsible for the work.

    d. High protection Risk Program.

The FMG (insurance company) last plant inspection results for year 2010 showed that the plant achieved the full score 100% in the HPR grading system for facility hazard VS 98% in 2009.

We Also Achieved 97.5 % in the HRP grading system for equipment hazard VS 97.5% in year 2009. Our total score is 98.8% for 2010, which is a new record.

    e. Implementation of fatal injury prevention check list.

As part of our continuous effort to make CEMEX Egypt the safest working environment, a checklist for safe practices and precautions were developed to guide the all employees and contractors practices toward safe actions.