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Our Values & Code of Ethics

We established our Values and Code of Ethics to ensure that all of our employees abide by the same high standards of conduct in their daily interactions.

Our Values

We are an organization of people with unmatched passion and integrity:

  • Who work safely and demand others do also
  • Who thrive in an environment of autonomy
  • Who look for a better way every day
  • Who seek the best for CEMEX and not only themselves
  • Who build intimate customer relationships
  • Who are exceptional communicators

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Code of Ethics

Creative, strategic, and entrepreneurial; these are a few of the traits that symbolize our company's culture. CEMEX is a challenging place to work and a great place to develop the skills necessary to create value for and cement lasting relationships with customers, colleagues, investors, communities, and other key stakeholders.

One of our key priorities is to empower our people to focus their energy and creativity on the new instead of the usual.

Our rapid growth and geographic expansion also underscore the benefits of a diverse workforce, made up of people with different styles, capabilities, and backgrounds. Consequently, we are committed to developing and maintaining a stimulating, healthy, and productive work environment in which everyone is treated impartially and respectfully.

From our talent-development programs to our performance-evaluation model, we are focused on developing and reinforcing our company's individual competencies - those traits, attitudes, and abilities that distinguish CEMEX people and define our culture.

The code governs our relationships with all of our stakeholders, workplace safety, health, environmental responsibility, protection of confidential information, conflicts of interest, financial controls and records, and preservation of assets.

Through our ethics committees, training programs, and secure internal communications channels, we ensure awareness and enforcement of the code. We periodically evaluate its provisions and update it when necessary.

View the full version of CEMEX's Code of Ethics.