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Special Products

Our aim is to help our customers solve their building challenges. To this end, we tailor our products and services to suit our customers’ specific needs

CEMEX ready Mix is proud of having the ability to provide solutions to almost any concrete requirement.

We offer an extensive range of mixes to provide the best solution for any job.
The endless possibilities include high strength, increased workability and enhanced flowing characteristics to ensure placement. This is supported by the considerable experience of our technical, production and transport staff. We constantly strive to improve our ability in providing solutions to an ever increasing range of applications through the continuous evaluation of materials and the implementation of the best possible practices.

Our special products include:


Colored concrete for Architectural ,decorative and textured concrete finishing...More


It is a ready mixed mortar that is used for all Plastering and Masonry works. Can be supplied in different colors...More


Light weight Foamed Concrete that improves construction systems with its advanced thermal insulation and light weight...More


Steel crete: A composite materials made with Portland cement, aggregate, and incorporating discrete discontinuous fibres. Fibers suitable for reinforcing concrete have been produced from steel...More


Concrete technology with all main advantages of SCC “Self Compacting Concrete”...More


Based on introducing polypropylene fiber in conventional and special concretes to REDUCE plastic shrinkage Cracking...More


is a concrete product that gains strength at very early ages to remove formwork at a faster period in secured condition...More

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