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Water reducing and retarding concrete admixture


Complies with ASTM C494 type D

Product Description:

ISOPLAST 131 is a chloride free water reducing admixture based on selected sugar-reduced lignosulphonates. It is supplied as a brown solution which instantly disappears in water.

ISOPLAST 131 disperses the fine particles in the concrete mix, enabling the water content of the concrete to perform more effectively and improving the consistency of the concrete. This produces higher levels of workability for the same water content, allowing benefits such as water reduction and increase strength to be taken.


Allows specific strength grades to be met at reduced cement content or increased workability. Water reduction significantly improves compressive strength at all ages and enhances durability through the production of low permeability concrete.
 Minimizes the risk of segregation and bleeding and helps in the production of a dense, close textures surface, improving durability. Chloride free, safe for use in pre-stressed and reinforces concrete.


Color: Dark brown liquid

Density (at 23ºC): 1.190 ± 0.005 kg/L

Chloride content: Chlorides free

Air content: Less than 2% according to Dosage


Dispensing: The correct quantity of ISOPLAST 131 should be measured according to a recommended dispenser. The admixture should then be added to the concrete with the mixing water to obtain the best results. Never add to dry cement.

Dosage: Optimum dosage of ISOPLAST 131 should be determined in trial mixes. The recommended dosage is from 0.5% to 1.0% of cement weight. ISOPLAST 131 is compatible with all Portland cement including SRC.

Effects of overdosing: An overdose of double the intended amount of ISOPLAST 131 will lead to an increase in retardation as compared to that normally obtained at the intended dosage.

Health and safety instructions: ISOPLAST 131 does not fall under the hazardous classification of admixtures. However, it should not be swallowed or get into contact with skin and eyes. Suitable protective gloves and goggles should be worn. Splashes on the skin should be removed with water. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice immediately. If swallowed, medical attention shall be sought immediately. ISOPLAST 131 is water based and non-flammable.