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Our top priority is customer satisfaction. CEMEX Commercial team is very keen to providing our customers with a unique level of service. We provide many channels of communication including but-not-limited to our call center, front offices and logistics customer service teams, who work very close with our clients to better understand their needs. In doing so, we provide the required services that exceed their expectations.

The call center

CEMEX Call center is the point of contact with customers which helps create long-term business partnerships and opens new communication channels to support them... More

Front offices

CEMEX Front Offices are the nerve center of the commercial function where customers conduct their financial transactions and receive related documents... More

Logistics Customer Services

When CEMEX delivers the product to our customers, we ensure delivery is conducted with the highest safety precautions and conditions. Our customers can still have updated information about their shipments at any stage... More

Technical Support

We offer our customers, contractors, and construction engineers the option of consulting an expert. If our customers have any technical problems or inquiries, they can simply submit it to our technical support service.... More

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