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Al Moukawem Cement 42.5N

SRC is defined as the hydraulic bonding grey fine powder which is the result from crushing a dry mix made of SRC clinker and gypsum.

Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement - SRC (42.5N)

Adding and mixing water to it harden this grey fine powder, and this is what makes it resistant to water and able to bare compressive strength, as well as resistant to sulphates that exist in soil, such as clay soil. In this type of cement it is necessary to decrease the ratio C3A less than 3.5%, because this component reacts with Ca SO4, which exists in soil or water. The result of this reaction is called Ettringite, which causes increasing in the concrete volume then causes cracks that lead to concrete failures.

Uses and applications

It can be used in all concrete constructions such as reinforced concrete foundations, sewage drainage tanks, bridge foundations, piles...which are exposed to be directly affected by sulfates. It can also be used in sewage concrete pipes and lining steel pipes.

Standard specifications: SRC 42.5 R

  • Egyptian Standard Specifications (ES. 583/2005)
  • British Standard Specifications (BS.4027/96)
  • American Standard Specifications (ASTM C150-2007/Type V)

Chemical properties:

AL Moukawem Average Results Egyptian Specifications (583/2005)
SO3 2.0 -2.2 Not more than 2.5%
Loss of weight by ignition 1.0 - 1.5 Not more than 3%
Insoluble residues 0.15 - 0.3 Not more than 1.5%
SiO2 20 - 21%
Al2 O3 4.44 - 5%
Fe2O3 5 - 5.5%
CaO 62 - 63.5%
C3A 28 - 3.1% Not more than 3.5%

Physical and Mechanical properties:

AL Moukawem Average results Egyptian Specifications (583/2005)
Surface area cm2/gm (Plain Method) 3200 - 3300 N.R.
Setting time
Initial setting time 150 - 200 Not less than 60 min.
Final setting time 3:00 - 4.00 h N.R.
Compression Resistance N/mm2
After 2 days 16 - 21 Not less than 10 N/mm2
After 7 days 27 - 32 N.R.
After 28 days 44 - 48 Not less than 42.5 N/mm2 and not more than 62.5 N/mm2
Soundness Autoclave expansion 0 – 1.0 Not more than 10 mm


  • Bags: 50 Kg/bag
  • Jumbo plastic bags: 500 Kg/bag, 1000 Kg/bag, 1500 Kg/bag
  • It is also available in bulk.


It is recommended to follow the coming instructions:

  • Storage should be done in a dry place and away from ground moisture.
  • It is preferable to store it on wooden bases.
  • Cement should be covered to avoid the rain.
  • It is recommended not to pile up any more than ten bags, some on others.

Shelf time

It is recommended to retest the cement after 6 weeks from the production date.

Safety recommendations

It is recommended to follow the coming instructions:

  • Avoid the contact of the cement with the eyes and the skin since it may cause allergic reaction.
  • Use gloves and glasses to protect hands and eyes in case of spray applications, or manual mixings.

How to clean the cement remains of the used tools

  • Before setting: by using clean water.
  • After setting: by using mechanical methods.

Environment concept

It is advised and recommended to follow local environmental instructions.

Cement El Mokawem 42.5 N

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