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Front Offices

CEMEX Front Offices are the nerve center of the commercial function where customers conduct their financial transactions and receive related documents.

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A well trained group of professional courteous staff who deeply understand customers’ needs are responsible for offering the highest level of responsiveness and accuracy at CEMEX front offices.

Their main purpose is offering service convenience and adequate support across the different governorates.

CEMEX Front Offices are geographically distributed all over Egypt. Currently CEMEX operates via six Front Offices to facilitate the purchase process (Four are stand alone where the other two are located within the company’s warehouses.)

Services-Front Office Contact Information

Front Office Address Telephone Fax
Cairo Front office Cairo, Nasser city 3Abbas EL Akad, 6th floor 02-24078658 02-22602811
Assiut Front office Assiut ,K18 Assiut ElWady Road 088-2424261/62 088-2366859
Minya Warehouse Minya , Beside Ganoub Elwady warhouse-Haleeg El Aktan,Cairo-Menyia Agricultural road 086-2329843 086-2329842
Sohag Warehouse Sohag , Beside Vegetable market 093-2390435 093-2390362
Quena Front office Quena , El Dandara St, beside Mostafa El Daw Building 096-5327268 096-5320827
Aswan Front office Aswan , Atlas Amen El Sherif Avenue Villa Yaquob 097-2310853

Online Banking Services

To achieve service convenience, customers can make their deposit through a very large and wide banking network. Payments online are validated via electronic tools and registered immediately, and the customer doesn’t have to visit the premises.

CEMEX E-Payment Services

Customers can make their payments 24/7 while relaxed at Home/Shop via using internet transfers from their accounts to CEMEX account in related banks.

CEMEX Document Center

Provides our customers with extremely accurate and certified documents (account statements, taxes letters and invoices, etc) that help in dealing with their clients, partners and official parties – i.e. Tax authorities.

Locations & Sales Contacts Map