Other Business Areas

Other Business Areas

The Other Business Areas of the Company in Assiut city is a unique operation that symbolizes how CEMEX cares about its employees and the Assiut community along with cement production.
Some of these other activities serve employees, the cement industry and some service our local communities in Assuit City.

Sports City

CEMEX Sports City in Assiut provides employees and their families with sports and social facilities.

Football Team

Since 2004, CEMEX Egypt has had one of the most professional youth division setups in Upper Egypt.


In our 1200-acre farm, almost 600 acres have recently been planted with Casuarinas trees.

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We have a well located sales points all over Egypt to ensure we are close to our customers nationwide.More

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Customer Service

CEMEX ensure delivery is conducted with the highest safety precautions and conditionsMore

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CEMEX Front Offices are the nerve center of the commercial function. More