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CEMEX Launches ‘Plastic Bags Upcycling Campaign’

February 24, 2015

In accordance with its persistent commitment to engage in activities that help sustain a clean environment, CEMEX collaborated with a promising startup company to launch the “Plastic Bags Upcycling Campaign”.

The campaign depends on the donation of unused plastic bags that are used afterwards to make chairs and handbags. This initiative was announced in both Cairo and Assiut premises. CEMEX employees were motivated to participate and donate their unused plastic bags, and those with the highest contribution of plastic bags were later given rewarding prizes. The targeted number of collected bags was 5000, but as usual, CEMEX employees over-achieved the target and collected 8900 plastic bags for upcycling. The campaign had 10 winners who were granted vouchers and mobile phones in recognition of their outstanding contribution.

In addition to the environmental aspect, the campaign had another important developmental aspect; women empowerment. The chairs and handbags manufactured were made by unprivileged women who were offered a specialized training to master the weaving craft, which had a positive impact on improving their lives.

CEMEX Launches ‘Plastic Bags Upcycling Campaign’