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CEMEX Egypt Receives “2013 Most improved Road Transportation Safety” Award

May 06, 2014

CEMEX Egypt received the “2013 Most improved Road Transportation Safety” Award from CEMEX Global Headquarters for its performance in road safety last year. The company was selected as one of the recipients of the Annual CEMEX Safety Awards for the second year in a row.

The award reflects CEMEX commitment towards health and safety and its continuous efforts to improve safety in all its operations to reach its main goal of Zero accidents. CEMEX Egypt and particularly the Commercial & Logistics team received the 2013 Most Improved Road Transportation Safety Award in the annual CEMEX Global Awards program despite the challenges including Egypt having the highest road accidents rate worldwide according to the WHO latest report.

This award acknowledges both the excellent results achieved last year (zero accidents, zero fatalities) and the efforts the company has made over the years to improve standards in road transportation in Egypt both from our fleet and for our external haulers delivering our products. CEMEX Egypt has been also working on improving its safety through providing specialized safe driving trainings to drivers at the CEMEX safety driving schools inside the plant in Assiut and at Assiut Traffic Authority in addition to awareness sessions about the importance of safety, encouraging safety efforts through increasing engagement and communication between drivers and recognizing best safety performing drivers. This award is the result of our employees’ unwavering commitment to safety and compassion for their coworkers, and community where we operate”, said Sergio Menendez Country President CEMEX Egypt. “I would like to thank all employees for their efforts to receive this award as safety is a priority in CEMEX and that this recognition will encourage us to continue working towards our goal of safer roads and zero accidents on roads”, he added. It is worth mentioning that the CEMEX Global Health and Safety Awards Program is an annual competition that started in 2000 to promote excellence in safety and health at the group operations’ worldwide Sites are judged on performance, safety leadership, risk management, analysis and follow-up. The award is given to the best performing and most improved facility in each business segment.

CEMEX Egypt Receives “2013 Most improved Road Transportation Safety” Award